Mindfulness Coaching

Discover mindfulness through one to one coaching & Small group programs

Learn the tools to better cope with stress and anxiety and live your day to day feeling present, calm and grounded from within.

Mindfulness Coaching

Discover mindfulness through one to one coaching & Small group programs

A Typical Day in Your Life

You get lost in the day to day, doing doing doing, working working working, going going going. 

You try to stay present but more often than not, you just feel overwhelmed.  Your mind wanders more than you would like during the day, even during a meditation. 

You’d love to feel calm when things seem to be falling apart around you. And to not overreact in stressful and tense moments. 

And to find time and motivation to meditate and prioritize self-care again.

A Mindful Day in Your Life

You may still be busy, with a lot on your plate, but you’re able to do it from a calmer and more grounded state. You know how to feel calm and relaxed from within, and don’t need to wait for the weekend, or a holiday, to feel this way. 

There’s space in your life amongst the busyness. 

You’re living more in the present. You’re able to catch yourself sooner when your mind wanders, and anchor yourself in the present for longer.  

You’re coping more effectively with stress and overwhelm. And your friends and family can see it. 

Overall, you feel more at peace, and more connected to yourself and others. 

Bring Mindfulness Into Your Life with 1 Minute a Day

5 Days. 5 Quick and Simple practices. More Moments of Presence, Calm, and Connection in Your Life.

“A lot of people think of mindfulness as this other person, not like themselves. I’m learning to bring it in and I would never think of myself as a slow, quiet, peaceful person, but I think we can all be mindful.” 

Tracy M.


Mindfulness Coaching Programs

There are 3 options for mindfulness mentorship

Whether small group sessions or one on one coaching, all sessions are delivered virtually. 

option one

Small Group Intro to Mindfulness Program

An interactive series for building a deeper understanding of mindfulness with an emphasis on integration into daily life

Perfect for beginners or individuals who want to set a solid foundation, or refresh their previous practice

4 x 90 min calls with a small group

Mindfulness practice sessions between calls

Takeaway practices to solidify new skills & stay accountable


option two

One to One Mindfulness Strategy Session

A focused session to strategize sustaining a mindfulness practice amongst the busyness and stress of day to day life

Perfect for someone who wants further integrate mindfulness into their life but is struggling to find the time or to be consistent

1 x 90 min 1 to 1 strategy session

1 x 60 min follow-up session one month later

Detailed pre-call questionnaire & post-call action plan

Email support between calls


option three

One to One Deep Dive Into Mindfulness

An in-depth, customizable, and collaborative one to one mindfulness program

This is the highest level of support and accountability, perfect for anyone who wants to deepen and personalize their existing practice

9 x 60 min coaching calls over 3 months

Additional weekly practice sessions that work with your schedule 

Email/messaging support in between calls

Takeaway practices to solidify new skills


Client Results

I'm now rarely having moments where I whip myself up into a frenzy. I can sense when I feel myself potentially going there, and can prevent it from happening. This change has made a HUGE impact on my life."
Emily C.
deep dive into mindfulness program
Finding ways to work mindfulness into each of your days is a game changer. Without Susan’s gentle guidance and wonderful ideas, I don’t think I would’ve been able to accomplish as much of a mindfulness practice as I have.”
Megan T.
Deep dive into mindfulness program
Thank you Susan! I really appreciate the guidance you provided as a coach! Very valuable - we all need a coach! Now I have some practices that I can do. I have achieved more peace, and confidence to deal with difficult situations. I’m less anxious about them."
Lydia B.
deep dive into mindfulness program
I absolutely would recommend it! Susan was wonderful as the instructor. She integrated the classes/students examples and life experience and didn't just brush past them but really discussed it more. The class was interesting and diverse. Mindfulness is beneficial to everyone and this is a great intro class to understand it better and learn tools you can take with you."
Stephanie M.
Small Group intro to mindfulness program

What You'll Get Out of Mindfulness Coaching

Together, we’ll bring more mindfulness into your day and set you up with a practice that lasts. I’ll support you in making small shifts that work with your busy life, shifts that add time to your day rather than taking it away. 

You’ll walk away with a box of tools and strategies for effectively dealing with stress, anxiety, and restlessness. Tools that are curated for your life. You’ll have a plan to reach for when you feel yourself going off track. (‘Cause obstacles are just part of life, right?) 

You’ll strengthen your own resources and coping skills. You’ll feel more balanced, grounded and in control. 

with A consistent mindfulness practice you'll:

Book a free consult if you're ready to:

Book a free consult if you're ready to:

mindfulness coach

Your coach

Susan Czyzo

It was the beginning of the pandemic. Clinics had been closed for a few weeks. It was becoming clear that this wasn’t going to be a couple weeks and all would be back to normal. 

I remember feeling grateful for all the free time on my hands. And motivated and excited. I didn’t want to go back to working the way I had been, feeling drained and unsatisfied. I was tired of hands-on care, back to back to back clients, and the focus on reactive care. It was time to make a shift. 

And so I decided to dive deeper into mindfulness. My intention, primarily, was so that I could bring it into my physio practice. But when I arrived at the first day of an 8 week mindfulness course, I was prompted to shift this intention. 

Before diving into the first lesson, the instructor spoke directly to the healthcare professionals in the group. She urged us to leave our healthcare hats at the door and to step into the program as a participant, not a physiotherapist, chiropractor, massage therapist, etc. I remember feeling resistant to this, as I had been prepared to absorb as much information as possible in order to bring it back to my clients. 

Looking back, her simple advice was life-changing. I thought I knew how to be mindful. But by diving deeper into the concepts and practices, and being held accountable for doing the work, mindfulness turned out to be the oxygen mask that I was so desperately needing in my life. 

mindfulness coach

My eyes were opened to how impactful it was to spend even just a few minutes prioritizing my mental health through mindfulness. I learned what it meant to be compassionate with myself. I gained a greater sense of self. Only from there, could I show up fully present for others, and make the impact I knew I could. 

As a result of transforming my life, it has transformed how I work. Mindfulness now plays a key role in how I support my clients. Whether through movement, rehabilitation, or coaching, it has the power to improve their health, their relationships, their outlook on life. Best of all, it allows them to show up to the fullest, for themselves, and others.

What If Feeling Grounded and At Peace Was Your Daily Norm?

it is possible

Start making shifts from feeling distracted and overwhelmed to grounded and focused today.