About Susan

Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, & Mindfulness coach

Physiotherapist, Pilates instructor, & Mindfulness coach

I support adults in being at ease in mind and body so that you can lead fulfilling lives day in and day out. Learn more about my story and my mission.

Hi, I'm Susan!

My mission is to help you access the strength and knowledge you have within yourself to lead a healthy and vibrant life.

Here's My Story

I saw the potential early on.

The power that helping people access their own strength had on their lives. With a little bit of guidance, people could move more easily, sit with less pain, play their sport again with confidence. And all this by accessing their own strength, and without prescribing medication or performing surgery?! This was the empowering nature of physiotherapy that I was drawn to from the beginning. 

But ever since I became a physiotherapist 15 years ago,

I’ve spent the majority of that time trying to fit myself into roles that left me feeling drained, anxious, and like I wasn’t making much of an impact on people’s health.

I treated client after client

in a busy clinic environment. I took courses that I didn’t enjoy because that was the direction that physios in my area of practice were supposed to take. I worked in busy practice settings because everyone else was doing it. I would feel flustered when I ran behind schedule or when I didn’t feel I connected well with a client. It was physically and mentally draining. I would wake up dreading my work day. 

Slowly, I started to make changes. I wanted to get my clients

more involved, knowing it would help them more in the long run and take some of the pressure off me. Pilates was such a great fit for this. It was complimentary to so many different activities and tasks of daily life. I had been practicing it myself and saw how much stronger I felt at work, and how much more aware I was of my tendencies in posture, and in movement. 

But it still felt like something was missing.

I strongly desired to bridge the gap between the physical and mental side of health. To help people improve their body awareness and to manage stress better. To decrease pain and soreness so that it wouldn’t keep reappearing. 

Then I found mindfulness.

I always thought I knew how to be present, that I was “good” at it. Until I learned what it really meant to be “present”, that it takes consistent practice, and is a lifelong journey. Through mindfulness, I learned so much about myself and about how to find true calm from within. It became so valuable to me personally, and it felt like the missing piece for my work. 

It didn't feel right for so long

because I wasn’t working in alignment with my strengths and values. I was trying to help people within a system that falls short. My energy would deplete quickly and would impact all aspects of my life. I’ve since realized that what I truly desire is to be intentional with my work, to connect with each and every client, and to provide a holistic and active approach to healthcare. 

I now help people stay active, present, and more at peace in mind and body through a holistic and proactive approach. 

My clients come to understand that injuries heal, but in order to stay well, they need certain foundations in place. With stress playing such a critical role in pain and injury, they, with my support, come up with a plan where they invest time into movement and their mental health daily.

They become the captains of their own health. 

My Experience

Susan Czyzo

physiotherapist, pilates instructor, mindfulness coach


14 years working at various orthopaedic and sport medicine private practice clinics in Toronto, Australia and New Zealand

10 years of teaching Pilates


University of Toronto

Bachelor of Physical Education & Health

University of Toronto

Master of Science in Physical Therapy

Additional qualifications

Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction

Mindfulness Ambassador Program Facilitator Training

CARE – Community and Resilience for Healthcare Workers

MindWell for Healthcare Workers

Dive Into a Coach Approach™ 1.0

BoneFit (Osteoporosis Canada) Certified

Stott Pilates for Rehabilitation Certification 

Susan Czyzo

physiotherapist, pilates instructor, mindfulness coach

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