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Uncover new strength in mind and body with low-impact mindful movement under the guidance of a physiotherapist

What is Pilates?

So much more than just crunches!

Pilates is a form of exercise consisting of precise movements with a focus on working from our center, and moving with control. Pilates helps to strengthen our entire body – not just our core.

 Pilates also helps us to lengthen out, improve our coordination, balance and power! It’s therapeutic and effective, challenging both the body and mind. 

What equipment do I need
for A pilates class?

Benefits of Pilates

Because Pilates works the entire body and is a low-impact, mindful type of movement, the benefits are plentiful. Below are just a few examples of what consistently practicing Pilates online under the guidance of a physiotherapist, can help you with. 

With A consistent Online pilates practice, you can:

Client Love

"I've been participating in her Pilates classes for about 4 months now. Her classes have helped me continue being active and motivated which is important to me. Susan is responsive to the class needs for general and specialized Pilates work. Her classes are challenging and she is clear and concise with her instructions and corrections. I'm happy I joined and that the classes are ongoing."
"Susan has been great to work with. She is friendly, positive, knowledgeable, easy to talk to and very supportive. Her sessions are excellent! They are well planned, go at a good pace and she accommodates all participants to allow for different levels."
C. & R.Y.
"I've been taking Pilates classes with Susan for a few years now and I have found her to be the best Pilates instructor. As a runner, I was always looking for ways to strengthen my core, upper body and to support my lower body to avoid injury. As a result of Susan’s Pilates, I'm stronger than I have ever been and injuries have been held at bay. Susan takes the time to understand your goals and any injuries or weak spots you may have."
M. L.

How To Get Started

A 3 STEP Process

Whether livestream or on-demand, my Pilates classes are designed for anyone at a beginner or intermediate level. One on one support is available for additional guidance.


step one

Choose a Pilates Plan

Choose from Unlimited, On-Demand or Livestream only. 


step two

Start Moving

Browse the on-demand library or book a livestream class. Block off movement time in your schedule and start moving!


step three

Feel Stronger In Mind and Body

Consistency definitely pays off, but the benefits of Pilates can be felt within a few classes.


$ 35 Monthly
  • Access to the on-demand video library
  • Over 40 classes to choose from
  • New classes added every week
  • Classes from 10 to 60 minutes

Pilates Unlimited

$ 55 Monthly
  • Access to all livestream Pilates classes
  • Access to the on-demand video library
  • First 7 days are free!
Best Value

Pilates Livestream

$ 20 Per Class
  • Access to a single livestream class
  • Each livestream class is 60 minutes long
  • Designed for the beginner or intermediate level

1 On 1 Pilates Consult

1 on 1 support is available if you:

Your pilates instructor

Susan Czyzo

Your pilates instructor

Susan Czyzo

I remember sitting at the front desk of the clinic I was working at looking at my schedule for the day. But rather than paying attention to my schedule, I became fixated on another therapist’s schedule.

Rather than working on 20 minute appointments like myself and the rest of the staff, she worked on 30 minute appointments. As a result, she didn’t see as many patients in one shift. Her schedule looked so much less crammed. 

I wanted to be her. I so strongly desired to feel lighter and less stressed. 

I was tired of working so quickly with each client, always keeping one eye on the clock and one eye on the waiting room. I kept a running count of how many more clients I had left in my day. 

This was no way to offer effective care.

In time, I chose to go about it a different way. I had Pilates on my radar as a modality to train in and bring into my physiotherapy practice. I was practicing it myself and saw how beneficial it was for me.

It was a no-brainer to me. I knew that if I was offering Pilates to my clients, they would have to book longer appointment times. 

I wouldn’t feel so rushed. 

They would become a more active participant in their care. 

I would be able to be more present and connect with each client, rather than always be looking at the clock. 

And I would be offering my clients a more long-term focused solution, rather than a quick fix. 

There’s been no turning back from this decision to bring Pilates into my practice. I’m grateful for the therapist that chose to do it her way because it was a catalyst for me figuring out my way. And as a result, to offering more proactive, holistic and compassionate care for my clients. To supporting them in living their fullest lives.

Develop a More Resilient Body and Mind


Movement truly is medicine, for both mind and body. Are you ready to take care of your body and mind through Pilates?