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“Susan’s a terrific instructor, providing detailed step-by-step instructions, anticipating what people might be doing wrong and correcting it in advance, and making sure everyone is following along and performing the exercises properly. I’m particularly impressed by the effort Susan makes to ensure that every class is different — this keeps it interesting and people stay engaged. I also subscribe to Susan’s online Pilates classes. They’re a great way to get a workout in on my own time — they are different lengths and focus on different things (mobility, strength training, etc.). I’ve found the subscription to be a really valuable and cost-effective resource. Overall, highly recommend!”

A. M.

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Susan Czyzo

Your pilates instructor

I want to help you move with ease, awareness, and efficiency. And for this to translate into your day to day life. 

My physiotherapy background informs how I cue movement, how I design my classes for maximum injury prevention benefit, the ease with which I pick up on compensations, and my ability to modify a class to meet everyone’s needs. 

This, along with my Pilates training, allows me to get creative with helping you move better and to do so safely. 

training background

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Movement truly is medicine, for mind and body. Are you ready to take care of your body and mind through Pilates?