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The Transformative Power of Coaching in Physiotherapy and Mindfulness

When I work 1 to 1 with my physiotherapy or mindfulness clients, I take the role of a Coach. 

Coaching is where we swap seats. As the coach, I become the co-pilot, supporting you as you take the wheel. Together, we drive towards your health and mindfulness goals. 

Coaching isn’t a common approach in healthcare so it’s likely that you haven’t come across it yet. Through an example, this blog post will explain what the coach approach looks and feels like. 

Let’s check it out! 

A coaching case study: Meet Sameera

I’d like to introduce you to Sameera, who is 49 years old. 

Movement is a big part of her life – she loves biking, walking her dog, and her weekly Pilates classes. Recently, however, she’s spending more time taking care of her elderly parents, forcing her to take a big step back from her activities.

She’s feeling overwhelmed, stiff and has little to no energy. Sameera’s worried that if she doesn’t make time to take care of herself, she won’t be able to help her parents, or do the activities she loves. And she feels guilty when she takes time for herself.

Embracing self-responsibility and mindfulness

But Sameera is ready to take responsibility for herself and is looking for someone to keep her accountable with getting back on track. She likes that mindfulness plays a big role in how I help my clients.  

And with the Coach Approach being for those ready to take action, we agree that it’s the best option for Sameera to move her forward quicker, keep her accountable and motivated.

Inside our coaching sessions

In our coaching sessions, Sameera and I have focused conversations. 

Early on we spend time connecting on what’s most important to her. We do mindfulness practices together that help her tune into what matters to her the most.  

I ask Sameera a lot of questions to help explore her current situation, and give her time to think and process. We talk through the challenges that are most present for her. 

Through this process, Sameera starts to look at her situation in a new way, and to see what may be preventing her from moving forward.

Taking the driver’s seat in your health

With my guidance and gentle prompting, Sameera takes the driver’s seat, navigating through her challenges, and uncovering her own solutions to move forward. 

As the co-pilot, I support Sameera in identifying the next best step forward to reaching her goals. She leaves every session with a plan that she puts into action in her daily life. 

She becomes confident in taking ownership of her situation.

Results of the coach approach

Through this Coach Approach, Sameera gets unstuck. She’s coping better with the stress of caring for loved ones. She finds balance with taking care of herself and her parents. Back doing what she loves, she feels lighter and more energetic. 

By being in the driver’s seat, Sameera feels empowered, motivated, and accountable to herself. She stays in control of her health well beyond our time working together. 

A unique approach within physiotherapy

In essence, coaching within physiotherapy and mindfulness can transform someone’s health journey. Through this collaborative and very individual process, clients like Sameera navigate challenges, embrace responsibility, and take charge of their health. 

It is also a unique approach within physiotherapy and mindfulness. So it does take an open mind, as well as the willingness to put in the work. 

Ready to experience the coach approach?

Being in the driver’s seat with the support of a co-pilot is truly a powerful experience. But, as one of my clients said recently, you can read or watch all you want about something, but nothing is more valuable than experiencing it for yourself! 

If you’re ready to try this approach, book a free consultation to get things started. I’m looking forward to supporting you in your health and wellness journey.

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