Guided Mindfulness Practices

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Cultivate awareness, focus, and presence by anchoring to the present moment through a variety of guided mindfulness practices.

Mindfulness Practices

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A mindfulness practice is an mental exercise that involves focusing our attention on the present moment. It helps us cultivate awareness, non-judgement and a deeper connection to ourselves.


Body Scan

This is a fundamental mindfulness practice. You’ll be guided to pay attention to one body part at a time, noticing what sensations may be present in each area. With practice, you’ll build a deeper connection to your body. 


Grounding Meditation

This practice uses the breath to scan the body. Connecting to the body in this way is a way to ground ourselves in the present moment. 


Mindful Listening

In this practice, sounds will be your anchor to the present moment. Anytime you get distracted, you’ll bring your attention back to listening. With practice, you’ll build your ability to pay attention in the moment. 

Benefits of Mindfulness

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