Earth Day

How mindfulness can help us make every day Earth Day

So another Earth Day has come and gone. We’ve been more mindful of how we interact with our planet. Perhaps we’ve spent some time outside, maybe cleaned up our local park, or took the bus instead of the car for our weekly grocery trip. Now what? 
How do we keep the momentum going once Earth Day has come and gone for another year? Below are 3 ways that mindfulness can help us live in a way that celebrates and protects the earth, everyday. 

Keep spending time outdoors, mindfully.

Try staying as present as possible when you’re out in nature. Even if it’s an area you’ve been to many times. Take notice of what you see, hear, smell and can feel. Bring all your senses into the the experience. You may be surprised at what you notice. Perhaps you’ll even start to see glimpses of the magic of nature more often. 

Truly appreciating nature requires us to be present amongst it. This mindful awareness can then make us more motivated to protect it.

Designate one day a week to be “Earth Day”.

On that day, perhaps leaving the car at home and choosing active transport instead. Or opting for a plant-based option for every meal that day. Or even taking a few moments to think about whether we really need that new item we’re looking at buying that day. Conscious, mindful choices can go a long way. Committing to one action, once a week, that either helps us connect more deeply with nature, or is in line with protecting the environment in a way that is meaningful and sustainable for us to carry out. If that sounds overwhelming, why not make it once a month? From there, you can progress to twice a month, and eventually once a week. 

Practice a little mindfulness everyday.

Being mindful takes effort, patience, and practice. But the practice really does pay off. The more we practice living in full awareness of our behaviours, words, thoughts, and feelings, the more connected we will be to ourselves and others. And in turn, the natural environment. 

We’ll feel more grounded, present, and more energized to take action. 

A great place to start practicing mindfulness is by taking pauses throughout the day. During that pause, you can take a few intentional breaths. Or take notice of the environment you’re in. Or take a moment to check-in with how you’re feeling in that moment. 

Ready to dive deeper into what mindfulness could do for your life, and for the planet?

Ready to take action to live a more mindful and sustainable life? Where you feel connected to more moments of your day and able to find moments of stillness more easily? Where you feel like you’re making a difference to the earth with your day to day actions?

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